Dear Denier and sustainability

We want to contribute to a sustainable disruption of the hosiery industry.

Our mission is to design and produce socks and stockings for modern women in an unconventional way by challenging the industry's bad habits and ingrained patterns when it comes to material selection and manufacturing. We use sustainable materials such as recycled nylon and fully traceable natural fibres when producing socks and tights at our zero-waste factories in Italy.

It is widely known that the fashion industry is the world's second most polluting industry only after the oil industry. The production of nylon and nylon tights is a major negative contribution in this regard. 

The production process of both nylon and nylon products is detrimental to nature and humans. Large amounts of water, energy and chemicals are used, resulting in high CO2 emissions and pollution of nature as well as hazardous working conditions. But there are alternative approaches. 

We have existed since 2012 so we know the industry from the inside and it is not pretty. That is why the last couple of years have been all about creating a sustainable upheaval of the hosiery industry. All of our products are now made sustainably and we are the only company in Denmark and among very few hosiery brands in the world to work with recycled nylon and sustainable manufacturing.

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Did you know?

More than 2 billion pairs of nylon stockings are produced and thrown out every year. Nylon is not biodegradable, and every time a pair of tights ends at the dump, they are there for 30-40 years while slowly dissolving as microplastic that pollutes the environment.